“Hayden's voice is distinct and powerful, and it's well-matched to her stripped-down but still dense style of cartooning.  Her use of negative space in particular is impressive in depicting a busy, cluttered and full life with comics, her family, playing music, and a clear identity as the family organizer.” Rob Clough at High-Low

I call this diary RUSHES because a) I'm rushing through it and b) I feel like I'm viewing the inward film "rushes" of my day. I started this webcomic to document the last years of work on my graphic novel The Story of My Tits.  But it also has documented my life, and all the petty interruptions that have, on a daily basis, conspired to KEEP ME from finishing this project.  It has truly shown me that art is something we snatch from the jaws of daily existence. I self-published a 48-page excerpt called RUSHES: A COMIX DIARY in 2013.


A four-panel, short-form webstrip about my life that has had three homes: Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn (The First Album), Trip City (The Second Album) and Activate.com (The Third Album, currently posting monthly). S'Crapbook made the most notable list of The Best American Comics 2012.