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  • 3/12/09 USA TODAY reviews UNDERWIRE in Whitney Matheson's column Popcandy. link
  • 2/4/09 THE PULSE's Jen Contino interviews me about my graphic novel, THE STORY OF MY TITS, recently signed by Top Shelf Productions. link
  • 2/10/09 THE PULSE asks me to describe my experience attending New York Comic Con '09, and here it is - the pros and cons. link
  • FEBRUARY 2009 GREYLOCK ARTS features UNDERWIRE in an online exhibit of webcomics curated by John Mitchell, with an
  • 10/5/08 COMICSWORTHREADING.COM's Johanna Draper Carlson reviews UNDERWIRE. link
  • 9/22/08 THE PULSE's Contino interviews me about the launch of my new webcomic UNDERWIRE at ACT-I-VATE.COM. link